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So it’s exam time right now where I live, and I am afraid I won’t be coming on Tumblr for some time. Yes, I know, HOW COULD I? Well, for 1, I NEED good grades to make the 90% club, and I have to work really hard and not get distracted by social networking sites. I promise I’ll be back the night of next Monday, when I Finnish my final exam. I will also answer any asks that I’ve gotten but haven’t answered yet, next next Friday.

So long for now! Sincerly - Hayley


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Tuesday Jun 14 @ 10:29pm

lovereadandwrite said: hii! so i really want to read the lord of the rings, but i'm not sure if i should read the hobbit first. did it help you understand the lord of the rings better? :)

I think you should! Although it’s such a dull book, very well written though. But, I think you should give it a go. It gives you the back story before you read the Lord of the Rings, you know? It sort of is a information novel if you will. It gives a more extensive description of Hobbiton, Hobbits, and their way of life, and it’ll help you understand the Lord of the Rings a little better. Plus, by reading the Hobbit, you’ll enjoy the Lord of the Rings a lot more! :D 

Monday Jun 13 @ 08:24pm
I want to let everyone who sent me questions, that I can’t answer them since something is wrong with my inbox. I hope this can get fixed soon.. :S Sunday Jun 12 @ 10:00pm

mypersonalparadox said: Really need a few good books. Preferrably anything that makes you think about life like looking for alaska, catcher in the rye or perks of being a wallflower. Or like mild love stories like hunger gamea but nothing too sappy like twilight lol

I’ve come to notice that the books like that are the best books a person can read at this age. I know a few similar to such actually.

1. Before I fall by Lauren Oliver: This book was poorly written on so many levels, but for some reason it really changed me and made me think about the way I should treat others, for they could be gone the next day.

2. 13 reasons why by Jay Asher: Deals with tough stuff like suicide and bullying. I definitely recommend this!

3. It’s kind of a funny story by Ned Vizzini: Again, a suicide and depression novel. It had a lot of meaningful quotes that I live by, and was such an amazing read!

4. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho:  I mean this in the most sincere way possible. It started my journey into discovering myself and who I am. It taught me so many things, but most importantly it taught me to listen to my heart.

5. Invisible man- Ralph Ellison: This is most powerful book I’ve ever read about the issue of color and race in America.

6. The Outsiders- S.E Hinton

7. Speak- Laurie Halse Anderson: This is about rape, short read and perfect for summer road trips.

Here’s some more I’ll just list for you:

8. Brave New Girl- Louisa Luna

9.Very Far Away from Anywhere Else- Ursula K. Le Guin

10.The Vast Fields of Ordinary- Nick Burd

Hope I helped some. :)

And oh  god Twilight. I hate when people are like “Ohmeegez I LAWVE reading!!!!1! Twilight is defs my fav boookss!111 lol <3”

Friday Jun 10 @ 12:34am

xsparkinspacex-deactivated20110 said: Hey, I'm reading the hobbit now and I need some new summer reading books, other than the lord of the rings trilogy. Any suggestions, I'm open to anything! :) thanks

The Hobbit was so dreadful, omg. But here’s some of my favorites!

1. Along for the Ride- Sarah Dessen

2. Someone like you - Sarah Dessen

3. Twenty boy summer- Sarah Ockler

4. A Map of the Known World-Lisa Ann Sandell

5. Bright Young Things- Anna Godberson

6. The Breakup Bible - Melissa Kantor

7. Confessions Of A Not It Girl - Melissa Kantor

8. Reality Chick - Lauren Barnholdt

9. perfect chemistry - simone elkeles

10. Last Summer - Evan Hunter

11. Willow- Julia Hoban

12. Before I fall- Lauren Oliver

13. 13 reasons why- Jay Asher (lol 13 and 13…)

14. Being Emily- Anne Donovan

Hope I helped! :)

Thursday Jun 9 @ 11:45pm
Thursday Jun 9 @ 06:06pm
Emma Watson will be starring in &#8220;Perks&#8221;, a movie adaption of The Perks of Being a Wallflower.
Logan Lerman will play Charlie.

Emma Watson will be starring in “Perks”, a movie adaption of The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Logan Lerman will play Charlie.

Thursday Jun 9 @ 06:05pm

asi-como-amantes said: You've got the loveliest blog I've seen in a long time. Prepare for reblogs. ^_^

Thanks so much! And, I’m ready. ;D

Thursday Jun 9 @ 05:53pm

Do you have a picture, quote, link, or video having to do with books? Well thanks to a follower, I have opened a submit box! I encourage you to send me your stuff! It’s located at the top of my blog saying something like “submit your pictures”.

Tuesday Jun 7 @ 09:07pm
Just did a follow spree, if someone named “youungblood” just followed you, it’s me. I’m doing another one friday. Tuesday Jun 7 @ 09:04pm

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